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Examples of types of work not shown on my site are available upon request.

Prices are guidelines and open to change/negotiation. Please contact me for a quote.

Book design

Cover $500 and up

Interior (page design and typesetting) $500 and up (per-page rate with minimum base price)

Logos $350 and up

Websites $500 and up

Promotional materials

Brochures $200-$500

Postcards $125 and up

Posters $150 and up

Stationery (including business cards, letterhead, etc.) $150 and up

Web graphics $100 and up

All jobs include initial conversation, setting of project scope and goals, and several rounds of revisions, if necessary. Printing costs are separate but can be included your quote upon request. 

Please contact me with any questions! I look forward to hearing from you. 

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